Thursday, July 28, 2011

Market to Market - revisiting the Biscuit Mill

I know this may sound like a sin to most Cape Townians, but I haven’t been to the Old Biscuit Mill ( in Woodstock at all this year. Not once. That was until this past weekend of course.

I have been frequenting the Hope Street and St Georges Mall food markets as they tend to offer similar food products while being less overcrowded and pushy.

However, I had the biscuit Mill craving and so went back there last weekend Saturday.

WE arrived just before 12, and the weather was not great. Windy as hell to say the least.

My partner also does not do well in crowded pushy areas and this was the first time I had managed to convince him to try out the Biscuit Mill Neighbourgoods Market.

Generally you have to arrive early to get reasonable parking and a place to sit while you eat lunch/ breakfast.

But I think because of the deterring weather and it being the last weekend before payday it wasn’t as horrendously overcrowded as I expected it to be. Instead it was lovely.

We found a seat each time we ate (Yes, we ate twice… something to do with too much Diemersfontein Pinotage at the Fugard the night before…)

I was bragging about the steak sandwiches, so we bee-lined for that stall first.

I was told there was going to be no sharing. ‘I want my own,’ he said.

They were delicious, although a little fatty. But the onion marmelade and mustard added incredible flavour. (*R50 a steak roll)

I was then determined to buy some cheese. After chatting to the lovely guy at the French stand I bought some Roquefort.

Next up was the chorizo – yum! But I was dragged quickly away as my partner was looking for Lunch, round 2. We briefly lost each other in crowds while I continued to explore the other stands.

We then met up at the Panini stand, where the ‘Surfers breakfast’ (*R45) meal caught his eye. I tasted some. It was amazing! Truly delicious, and f I’d known, I would have had one of them first. I just couldn’t eat a whole other meal.

The dehydration kicked in, so we headed towards the Smoothie people.

I had a pomegranate and mango smoothie while my partner had a chocolate milkshake (R20 each).

I’d heard so much about the new Bean-to-bar chocolate establishment, CocoaFair. I met the founder, Thor, who was really friendly and eager to chat about their new venture.

They will start offering chocolate making courses in about two weeks time, so I’ll keep my ears to the ground and let you know about them as soon as I do, for more info, visit

Before leaving we bought a bag of different flavoured chocolates, which cost only R3 each. All chocolate is organic.

My favourite one was the cuppucino one :-)

Unfortunately the people at the Biscuit Mill do start packing away at 1:30, so by the time we left the chocolate place, it was already 13:45 and time to go.

The weather was also getting worse and we were feeling to couch calling us…

But I will definitely not wait another 6 months before I go again…


Anonymous said...

If you like these you must also check out the long-running (14 years old) Holistic Lifestyle Fair in Observatory.

A relaxed, friendly Bohemian vibe and a characterful building – 120+ fab wellness-oriented, eco-friendly, organic, green and conscious livng stalls, including fantastic vegan, vegetarian, organic, artisan and halaal food in the tented Soul Food area. (The Cocoa Fair organic chocolates will be amongst the many moreish food vendors!)

There are also free displays, lifestyle talks and films/documentaries (if you care about where your food comes from then check out the really important ‘Food Matters’ this weekend 7 August).

Lady Bonin's Tea caravan; and a whole lot of other life readers; gorgeous vintage & designer clothing & jewellery; unique décor & body art; all kinds of relaxation courtesy of our massage and other holistic therapists; laid-back world music and so much more...

The Fair has a strong community and social responsibility aspect too: donate clothes/linen/toys/books at the gate and get in for half-price. This month’s selected charity is the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women & Children, in honour of women’s day on 9 August. The UPliftment programme will also be there offering a free joy session to inspire happiness in our visitors.

You can find out more on Facebook under Obs Holistic Lifestyle Fair.

Hope to see you there!

Amy Hopkins said...

Thanks so much for the response. I would love to check it out sometimes.