Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cupcake Fun

So last weekend I had that overwhelming desire to bake. It sometimes strikes me for no particular reason. Take Saturday: I was exhausted, mildly hungover and in need of filling my house with treats. Firstly I made my specialty treat cookies, which are sort of shortbread-like, sort of not. I will upload the recipe in another post soon.
They were a birthday present.
Then my door bell rang! One of my absolute besties, Miss Ross had arrived for real coffee and this put me in the mood to make cupcakes.
So we decided to make not just any cupcakes, but bright colorful cupcakes.
After all, we were going to dinner that night at Mr fabulousness' house and needed to take along dessert.
Half way through making them, Mr Fabulousness decided to come over for coffee too, with Big G and before I knew it, the cupcake session had turned into a decorating competition.
By this stage I have to admit, I was still in my PJ's and looking less than fab with icing everywhere, however, we decided to crack open a bottle of wine.
It was the best afternoon ever - I haven't laughed so much in ages!
So to make these cupcakes, i used a standard mixture and divided it into three bowls, adding food colouring.
I then layered the mixture into the casings so that once cooked, everyone would be able to see the layers.
The icing was then also divided into three bowls (thick butter icing mind you) and colours were added.
They were a real hit and so unique.
This was the start to a real doozy of a dinner :-)


The One said...
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Seth said...

Absolute best afternoon ever!

And those treats were a hit at the dinner xxx

I was hoping for a post on the amazing roast you made, wow, we still talk about it.