Monday, October 3, 2011

Labia night market vibes

So on Friday, Zoe (from and I sold our foodie wares at the Labia Night Market on Orange street.
The market mainly consists of vintage/boutique clothing stalls, gift and jewellery stands and then a couple foodie stands.
There was a great vibe and the place literally buzzed from 5pm to 10pm.
The best news was - Zoe and I sold out!
I baked a small range of mini cheese cakes, mini meringues and mini quiches – all gluten-free.
Zoe had a variety of cupcakes, brownies, tarts and mini cheesecakes – all decadent!
What a great evening it was!
And we'll be back next month ;-)
So see you then.


Fresh Food Design said...

Was great meeting you at the market :) pop by at and see in our we lurv column that we lurv ur blog!

Hope to see you at the next market :)

Amy Hopkins said...

awesome!!! see you there next friday hopefully!!!