Friday, December 2, 2011

Buy your coffee here

Anthony's Golden Cup ( is one of the oldest boutique coffee roasters in the Cape and now that my new job (and office) is located on Loop street, I plan to visit it more often.
It's really tiny inside, and while it looks like nothing fancy, the coffee is super good.
For 45 years they have been offering some of the best African (South African; Malawian; Cameroonian; Ethiopian; Burundian; Kenya Colossian ect) and South American (Colombian; Costa Rican; Guatemalan ect.) Coffees. They also offer a variety of blends from Blue Mountain; Old Vienna and French to Mocha Java and Espresso.
They do take-away coffees and sell the beans at varying amounts depending on how much you want.
Don't be shy to ask Anthony to make up a specific blend to suit your taste - he will be more than happy to do it right in front of you.
021 426 1268, 59 Loop Street.
hours: 6am - 5:45pm, perfect for the early birdies :)


Thuli said...

Cool! The coffee addict in me will check it out. Thanks for sharing!:-)

Amy Hopkins said...

Enjoy :)