Monday, December 5, 2011

Cape Town Beer Festival wrap up

What I enjoyed particularly about this year's Cape Town Beer Festival ( were the vast number of microbreweries, of which quite a few of them I'd never come across before (ie: Devil's Peak, Gallows Hill, Saggy Stone and Triggerfish, to name a few). It was the festival's second staging and I presume (by the number of people I saw attending), that it was quite successful.

It's so great to have a platform where breweries (big and small) can showcase their products to us eager beer drinkers. It's also a wonderful opportunity to meet the brew masters and receive an education in beer making and the artisanal processes that go into creating their unique products.

I noticed an increased amount of pale ales on offer, while it was interesting to try them all, my palette is not yet at the point where I could fully appreciate their bitterness.
I did love the newly launched red weiss from Paulaner - even more so than there regular weiss.

My favorites from the festival included: Paulaner's red weiss (, Darling Brew's bone crusher (, Napier's lager ( and Royal Mzansi.

The German-style oompah band put on a great show and I loved the lead vocalist's sense of humour. I do think they they were downing more beers on stage than the festival goers - which was quite impressive :)

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