Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bree street Middle eastern lunch spot

With the change of jobs and recent food allergy results, I am on the hunt for foodie places that offer coffee with Soy milk (I'm training myself to drink coffee black, but it's really hard) and dairy-free, wheat-free foods.

As anyone can imagine, this is quite tricky and sometimes rye sandwiches can get a bit boring.
The other day I literally phoned all the coffee shops within walking distance of my office (there are a few – it is Loop street in Cape Town), and funny enough, the one closest to me offered a 'soy milk' option, Sababa.
They froth it up and produce a delicious flat white. Today was only my second time I walked in to order coffee and they immediately said 'soy free, right?', and I was like 'Yes! I love you for paying attention and remembering me (Okay... the rest of the sentence I said in my head).
I needed a double shot (after all that Diemersfontein pinotage last night), which cost R21 for a soy milk flat white – it's R18 for a regular double flat white.

But besides the coffee, they offer an awesome array of dishes, many of them dairy- and wheat-free.
The lunchbox option is awesome: R40 for a medium lunchbox, which includes your choice of meat plus three sides.
Today I chose the chicken kebab with spicy aubergine, dill and pea rice and roast vegetable salad with loads of rocket – just bursting with flavour!

Sababa – which only opened at the end of November 2011 – offers a variety of middle eastern dishes, each made on site on the day. There is also a pastry/ baked goods stand. But I sadly can't touch those babies any more. Besides, I have a wedding to lose weight for.

PS - they do catering, so check out their website to order your platters. www.sababa.co.za

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