Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fork - Long Street Tapas

I had been meaning to visit Fork – a tiny tapas restaurant in Long Street – for years. But everytime I went out for dinner, I seemed to forget about it. That is until recently when I made a conscious effort to book a table with some friends and check it out.

The first thing I noticed is that it is much bigger inside than I realised, and the upstairs inside section has a warm, romantic atmosphere.
As it was a lovely summer's day, we chose to sit on the upstairs balcony outside. It was a bit noisy and there aren't really views to speak of, but it was pleasant with a street-cafe style vibe.

As I arrived early (before 6), I took advantage of the day-time special, which includes 5 mixed tapas and a glass of wine for R60.
Once my friends arrived we settled into order a number of dishes, under the guidance of Mr Fabulosity who is a very regular customer.
The dishes range from R35 for four tapas to R55, and then there are things like fries and small salads on the side for R25. While it seems all affordable, I was actually quite surprised at how much it all added up to in the end.
The little portions of food are delicious and beautifully presented, but not really filling, so don't go if you're starving, unless you can 'fork' out the dosh for it :-)

Some of the tastiest tapas in my opinion:
-Aubergine, sweet potato and chickpea coconut curry (R35)
-Raviolione with beef and poached egg served with rosemary butter and crispy pancetta (R40)
-Deep fried goats cheese with sundried tomato biscuits and port and onion marmalade (R45)
-Mini kudu fillets with chilli and potato puree and garlic spinach with a citrus reduction (R55)

I can easily eat all of this (and I did)... plus wine, so expect to spend about R300 a person for dinner. We drank the Warwick First Lady – a cabernet sauvignon from Stellenbosch, which cost R140 a bottle or R35 a glass.

I totally recommend it for a first date or a romantic dinner as the interior is is cosy and there is nothing like exploring and sharing tasty little foods, good wine and good company.



Seth said...

LMAO Mr Fab...a crisp.

Amy Hopkins said...

sweety... darling... you have no morals