Monday, January 9, 2012

Fresh Pasta - the best way to eat it.

This past Christmas and New Years went by way too quickly... With only a week's break and a crammingly busy first week of work, I finally have a moment to do a few updates.
I had such fun making my own home-made pasta for the first time the other day.
One of the presents my adorable fiance had gotten me was a pasta machine – on my foodie list.
So I had some fun experimenting with different doughs and pasta shapes and sizes.
Needless to say, the kneading was the hardest part, but otherwise its super easy, cheap and fun.
I used 375ml of flour and two extra-large eggs for the most basic dough, which turned out to be the best.
Make a well in the centre of the flour, add the eggs and stir slowly and then work at the dough until it forms a nice ball, not sticky or wet. I added occasional drops of water during the kneading process.
Set the dough aside, covered in a cloth, for 15 minutes to let the moisture absorb, then start rolling and and creating your pasta of choice.
The best part is that the pasta takes 5 mins to cook in boiling water. It's lighter and tastier than shop-bought, dried pasta.
As I'm a real novice, I would appreciate any tips and variations :-)


Lila said...

Hey Amy! I use 1 large egg for every 100grams flour. A trick I learned in Italy is to cover the pasta tightly with cling wrap for 20 minutes or as long as you can. It helps with the production of gluten (or something like that haha). It really helps! Also, I only boil the pasta for 3 minutes. Good luck x

Amy Hopkins said...

For an amazing wheat-free pasta, use buckwheat flour:
For every 100g buckwheat add one extra large egg (Enough to feed 2-3 people).