Thursday, January 12, 2012

Honest Chocolate

To some people, the idea of eating raw food is mostly unappealing and images of soiled carrots just pulled from the ground comes to mind.

But if you stumble upon Honest Chocolate (, whether at the Stellenbosch Slow market ( or at the Biscuit Mill's Neighbourgoods Market ( on a Saturday morning, or if you happen to be strolling around town on Wale street to be precise, you will find their cutesy vintage shop – do yourself a favour and just try some!

It would seem almost impossible that a tiny morsel of raw, organic, dairy-free chocolate could be so good!
But it is. I also recently found out that I am allergic to dairy, wheat, nuts and egg whites - so this chocolate made my day.

They sell slabs, truffles and this super delicious chocolate spread. they also don't use nuts, so any friends with nut allergies will surely thank your for a box of truffles from this establishment.
Slabs at R45 each come in the following flavours:

72% with nibs:
pure raw organic cacao and agave with pieces of crushed cacao beans (called nibs) sprinkled onto the slab. Illustration of the bar by Jean de Wet

72% with maca:

pure raw organic cacao and agave with a bit of maca root from Peru. Maca is a source of natural energy and vitality (it also enhances the libido...) and gives the chocolate a very subtle malty flavour. Illustration hand stamped by Honest Chocolate.

72% with Coffee:

pure raw organic cacao and agave with cracked organic coffee beans sprinkled on the back. Illustration of the bar by Marsi

72% with Kalahari Desert Salt:

pure raw organic cacao and agave with Onyx Kalahari Desert salt. Illustration of the bar by Toby Newsome


pure raw organic cacao and agave, the darker side of chocolate.. 'Don't be afraid of the dark'. Illustration of the bar by Michael Taylor

There are no preservatives or emulsifiers used and they don't use any dairy or artificial sweeteners. Ingredients: Organic, raw cacao; Organic coconut oil; Organically grown agave nectar and fresh vanilla pods.

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