Tuesday, January 10, 2012

L'ormarins Queen's Plate 2012

For the third year in a row, I attended the L'ormarins Queen's Plate (http://lqp.co.za/). But it was my very first time in the VIP STUD CLUB. The tickets were worth R800 per person (general entry was R250), and it included lunch, dinner and free beers and wine throughout the day. That is until 7pm, when they start charging.

For the first couple hours there were also brutal fruit slushies available (blended with ice), which was most satisfying as it was a scorcher.
I thoroughly enjoyed bumping into old friends and taking in how beautiful the horses were.
Although I didn't bet. I'm not a gambling type.

The event is definitely more formal than the J&B Met, this year being the 151st one held. The theme is always blue and white, and formal attire is required.

Before I could really get into the party vibe, my phone got stolen :-( and so with mood and vibe down the toilet, we went home. I missed seeing the Kongos – a band I have been dying to see perform live. But it's not too much of a train smash as they will be playing at UP THE CREEK in february (www.upthecreek.co.za).
Although I had report backs that they were really good.

The other band I missed was Spoek Mathambo, but caught Tumi and the Volume. I have seen them a number of times and always enjoy their vibe.
However, the Style loung and Caprice tents had their dance music blaring at the same time the concert started, which made for an interesting remix...

The next day I also found that another girl in our group had also had her phone stolen.
So we all suspect there were some thieves about at the larny affair, which was quite disappointing.

As usual though, the crowd looked gorgeous, and a highlight for me was the Elizabeth Arden make-up stand. They did a make-up touch-up for me in the early evening and what a great job they did ;-) Love their products.

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