Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Houtbay Bay Harbour Market

I finally went to visit the Bay Harbour Market (bayharbour.co.za) in Houtbay two weekends ago.

When I had previously attempted to visit the market it had been closed due to some fire hazard or some such thing. But you can all be reassured that it's safe now :-)

The market is mostly craft/clothing with a fairly large food section, about 1/3 of the market, I'd say. We beelined straight for that end of course. Our first stop was at Cape Mountain Charcuterie and the bread corner, where I found a nice loaf of 100% rye for R20. Next door is a selection of olives, sauces, pickled onions, pestos and so on. We sampled some bits and bought a tray of mixed olives for R30. The kalamatas were some of the biggest I have ever seen.

While trying to decide what to have for lunch, my fiance gobbled up a mini cheesecake (R25). He seems to live by the 'eat dessert before dinner incase we die before we get to have the good stuff' philosophy.

I tasted some amazing soup by Zoop, the coconut chicken broth is just divine. And the soups can actually be ordered from Cape Town. Contact Linda 082-223-7677. She makes a great dairy-free vegetarian soup too. I'll be getting stuck into this in winter for sure.

We wanted to have fresh tuna steaks, but they weren't available sadly, but you can be sure there are lots of seafood and chips options and a great looking paella.

We opted for a good old favourite: Kitchen Cowboys steak roll for lunch, at R60 a roll, which might seem steep, but they pile beautiful slices of medium-rare matured sirloin on, making it totally worth it. (www.kitchencowboys.co.za).

Before leaving we grabbed coffee from za Cafe – great organic coffee and they do soy milk options too.

All in all a good day trip to the market. I'll go back again soon for some zoop.

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