Monday, February 13, 2012

Less yadda yadda... more Tjing Tjing

Just off Long street, up Longmarket Street (no. 165 to be exact) is a rooftop lounge/bar called Tjing Tjing ( They opened last year as a rooftop bar, housed in an almost 200 year old building above a day-time restaurant called Dear Me.
I have been three times now, and really enjoy the vibe, especially if the weather is great and I can sit at one of the tables outside. Media/hipster types frequent the bar for after-work drinks, and it can turn into quite the party spot later into the night.
But more of a reason to visit this spot, if you haven't before, is their Wine-tasting Wednesdays.

Last week I ventured up the narrow stairs at about 5:30 and was offered some Sauvignon blanc to taste. A few people were gathered around the central outdoors table, where a wine expert was introducing three wines, two of which were from the Badenhorst family in Swartland and the third, a Sauvignon blanc from Ceres.

I ordered some snacks and pleasantly tasted wine while waiting for Mr Fabulosity to arrive.
Here are the deets for the next events:
The wine tasting starts at 5pm and lasts until 7pm or until the wine is finished. The wine tasting is free and I tasted all the wines at least twice :-)
The next event is this week Wednesday (15 February), where Eagle's Nest will do an informative tasting of their wines. Other events this month include: The Drift Farm (Bruce Jack) on 22 Feb and The Winery of Good Hope on 29 Feb.
Its so worth it, and I'll definitely pop in this week again :-)

165 Longmarket Street

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