Monday, February 13, 2012

Up the creek 2012 wrap up

I took quite a few videos this year at Up The Creek Music Festival, so I don't have as many photographs. But promise to sort the vids out soon and post them. I managed to capture the much spoken about 'wedding ceremony' on camera. Which was actually more of a 'renewing vows' ceremony.

I must say that this year's festival has been my best so far. There was a new layout, and the weather wasn't as hot as previous years, which made hangovers more bearable in general.
I also witnessed my fiance catching a massive barbel, and found an interesting looking eel/snake thing that we thought was dead... but turns out it was actually alive and started swimming when we poked it.

The river was very low this year, but people still gathered by the hundreds with their lilos in tow and spent the day swimming. There was a bit of wind, and every now and then an unattended lilo or tube would be swept up into the air and blown down the river... while someone burnt half drunk person chased after it. Needless to say, some weren't caught.

A few people complained that the line-up wasn't of the standard it had been the previous year, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and particularly enjoyed Jeremy Loops, aKing, Taxi Violence and Southern Gypsey Queen on Friday night and Shadowclub, Karen Zoid and The Kongos on Saturday night.
Comedian/musos Deep Fried Man and Tall Ass Mo entertained the crowds on the river with their random witty improv work in between awesome sets by the likes of Peachy keen and Sterling EQ.

It's always great to catch up with the musos backstage – and get in with the goss. Although one of my funniest moments was something I witnessed out front: It was the Kongos second song, and the lead singer from Shadow Club (smashed out of his mind) came up on stage and proceeded to take over the guitarists microphone and mumbled some random crap befor ehte guitarist told him to get off... the kongos didn't make a big scene, but i think there was a lot of WTF??? expressions on people's faces. Perhaps next year a bit of backstage quality control should be in order ;-)

All in all, awesome times :-) Will definitely go next year again - for my fifth time in a row :-)

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