Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bean There fairtrade single origin coffee now in Cape Town

I've had Bean There's coffee (www.beanthere.co.za) a number of times over the past year from the City Bowl Market on Hope Street and at the foodie events such as Taste of Cape and so one. About four to five months ago, this Joburg based company opened up a coffee chop in Cape Town on Wale Street.

Having been there [haha] twice, the first to buy beans for home and secondly for an early morning pre-work coffee, I have decided that although they don't offer soy-milk coffees, I really like the vibe, and definitely recommend it.

There is no food menu, it isn't a spot for a quick breakfast or lunch – unless you choose to eat cake for both said meals. But the coffee is really good, and there is free Wi-Fi.
The organic Ethiopian and the Tanzanian coffees are both my favourite, and I love sitting on the benches against the windows. And I'll just take my own soy milk with next time – they will happily make a latte for me and just charge for the espresso.

Patrons can also choose to buy there coffee online, with coffees starting from R55 for 250g bags and eight types to choose from.

Also check out the knick-knacks, coffee accessories and chocolate for sale.

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