Friday, March 9, 2012

Jason's Bakery

I've often passed Jason's Bakery and seen how bustling and inviting it looks, and eventually I popped in for a coffee one day a few weeks ago.
I thought, while I was there, I would ask about their breads. I wanted to buy 100% rye loaf, on what happened to be a Thursday afternoon. It probably took about five minutes of slightly awkward waiting before one of the waitresses asked if I needed anything. But I didn't really mind as I was taking in the surrounds and people watching.
When I asked about the rye bread, she said that they had none, and that 100% Rye bread was only made on Fridays. So I thanked her and said I would pop in during the morning to pick up a loaf.
The next day I went to Jason's before work, only to be told by a different waitress that 100% rye was only made on Thursdays, which you can imagine, was much to my annoyance.
So, to be honest, I haven't attempted to buy bread since.

However, I did go back for an early breakfast this week Tuesday.
Firstly, I knew it was going to be really busy, so I made sure I had enough time to order and eat and that I wouldn't get agitated. And, the breakfast was really nice. I had the seasonal fruit salad, which was probably one of the better restaurant fruit salads I've had in my life. My partner had the poached egg on croissant with bacon.
One thing that won me over was the tea. I do appreciate it when restaurants serve 'real' tea, not chemically enhanced tea-bag artificial-colourant crap.
They have a number of varieties of black and rooibos. My fiance had a latte, which he also really enjoyed.

So all in all, I'm over my bread annoyance, but I do think the venue could do with some extra hands on deck during 'rush hour'. I'll see if I can get my rye bread next week. 185 Bree Street 021 424 5644

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