Monday, April 2, 2012

For the Freezo Fans

I'm definitely not the type of person that walks into a regular coffee shop or coffee bar and orders the 'chocolatey one with sprinkles' – if you get my drift.

While I do still add milk (although no sugar), I am more inclined towards straight up flat whites or lattes, 'and make that a double!'.

But there is a certain spot I always head to when the craving for 'ice coffee' hits.

And it's not just any ice coffee... it's a freezochino.

I was first introduced to this wondrous, 98% fat-free, dairy-free drink a couple years ago by a good friend who (now) lives down the road in Sea Point. Every time I go back, I always think of her when I'm having one.

I hadn't had one in ages though, and suddenly got the craving this past weekend. I ended up venturing to Cattura at about 9am, and left at 12:30, after bumping into various people and enjoying an 'original coffee' freezo and then a lazy brunch. I also took pleasure in introducing Mr fabulosity to his first Freezo – he chose the hazelnut and vanilla combo. They are R30 a pop, but oh-so-worth it, and seemingly decadent, while actually being pretty friendly on the thighs.

So if you haven't tried a Cattura freezo yet, you are officially missing out – and all us freezo-fans can attest to that.

Other good things to note about Cattura:

-They stay open til late (generally about 10pm or midnight on weekends)

-They have karaoke on Thursday evenings

-With each coffee you order, you get a complimentary doughnut

-They have big screen TVs

-They have boston brewery's beer on tap

-They have regular specials*, so look out for these

41 Regent Road | Sea Point | Cape Town | 021 434 5160

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The Olive said...

Ah, heaven in a glass...