Monday, April 30, 2012

Tim's birthday cupcakes

This weekend I made my first batch of wheat-free cupcakes. The cake part is in fact also vegan ... (no animal products), but I still couldn't bring myself to not use fluffy butter icing. I was quite nervous that the recipe would flop. I literally bought gluten-free cake flour (a mix of soya flour, potato flour, brown rice flour and others...) and attempted to make the recipe on the back of the flour packet.
here it is:

500g gluten-free flour
160ml fructose
35ml baking powder (yes a lot)
500ml water (luke warm)
160ml natural oil (I used canola)
15ml lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
Mix all the dry ingredients together, then I added half the water and mixed... the oil and mixed... and the rest of the water and lemon juice. Don't over beat the mixture though! The texture is amazing, fluffy and slightly grainy. It spoons into the cupcake holders easily and makes 24. I cooked them for 25 minutes at 160 degrees C, 12 cupcakes at a time. They were spongy and perfectly golden.

The icing recipe is:
400g icing sugar
100g butter at room temperature
about 40ml milk... just watch how this goes. I used 2%.
vanilla seeds scraped out from a single vanilla pod
Beat the butter and icing sugar together first.. add a teensy bit more butter if needed. add the milk and vanilla. Spread... I also added some edible glitter, as you can see :-)


Betty Bake said...

well done :)
so glad it worked out for you

Betty Bake x

Amy Hopkins said...

thanks love ;-) My next step is to make them again but with the raw chocolate spread from Honest Chocolate as an icing! hopefully that works.. then the whole cupcake can pass as allergy-friendly and vegan :-)