Wednesday, April 4, 2012

*treats* Marcelino Bakery

Just round the corner from my office is this fabulous little bakery... well, it's not that small. Marcelino The Bakery bakes a variety of fresh breads, cakes, croissants ad other delectable treats.
If they have any items not sold from the previous day, they put them in a 'half price' pile and literally you can get away with scrumptious danishes, biscuits, brownies and all kinds of goodies for cheap-as-chips prices.

The other reason I love going there – besides perving over the indulgent goodies that I can't eat – is for the lunch menu.
They have soups, sandwiches, lasagnes, roasted chickens and a salad bar – to name a few items.
And the prices are so good too. For example, you can get a generous portion of vegetarian lasagne with a salad of your choice and a roll (or rye bread if you prefer) for R30.
A quarter roast chicken, with salad of your choice and a roll is R35 – cheaper, healthier and tastier than Nando's.
The Butternut soup is also an absolute winner – when they have it.

At the moment, they have the most gorgeously huge hot-cross buns and a variety of Easter-themed punch cakes in the shapes of bunnies, eggs or lambs.
Go on, give them a try

210 Loop Street, Cape Town, 021 422 0168

PS - they also make cakes and savoury dishes to order.

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