Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Vovo Telo bakery and Coffee shop

I was so excited to hear that Port Elizabeth's famed bakery – Vovo Telo – was opening a branch in Cape Town. These guys are all about seriously artisanal, old-school methods of baking bread, serving it with good coffee and a great vibe.

And I wasn't disappointed when I ventured into their new shop at the V&A Waterfront (near the outdoor amphitheatre).

The decor is charming and humorous, the service efficient and informative and the food, well, scrumptious.

We just stopped in for a quick after-working-late dinner, and because they close at 9pm, this suited us just perfectly. They also open at 6:30pm for all the early birdies wanting as-fresh-as-it-gets bread and a cuppa before heading to the office.
Their breakfast menu looks to-die-for with items such as poached eggs with coriander aioli and roasted tomatoes - yum!

The lamb burger was recommended to us by the waiter – little did we know that the waiters also spend time training in the kitchen and that this specific waiter had worked on making the lamb patties earlier himself. The generous patty arrived on a rustic board in a ciabatta with grilled sweet potatoes on the side: it was comforting, warm, flavourful and filling – all the things a good burger should be.

They also have a great selection of ready-made sarmies, pastas, thin-crust pizzas, cakes and pastries all made in house using no preservatives or additives, or any of that nasty stuff. 

There is also a table with a variety of the breads cut up, available for tasting, with olive oil etc.

They don't as of yet have their liquor license, so bring your own booze for the mean time. But they are soon to offer the likes of &union beers and boutique wines as well :-)

See all the deets here:
021 418 3750


Tessa said...

Do you know if they offer wheat-free pizza's??!

Amy Hopkins said...

Hi Tessa - i don't think they do unfortunately. but Col'Cacchio ( a wheat-free pizza option.

Jeanne said...

Oh I love Vovotelo (even more so being a PE girl!!) - thrilled that they are expanding countrywide now!

Amy Hopkins said...

yes and I love the Cape Town shop, I hope it does well!!