Friday, June 29, 2012

Saints Burger Bar on Kloof

I've been to Saints Burger Bar on Kloof Street twice now, and I really enjoyed it :-)
The first time was on a Friday night and the last night we went for the burger-special night.

Every Thursday it's half price drinks (Beers, cocktails and milkshakes) until 8pm and it's buy-1-get-1-free build-your-own burger night.

Jessy was my burger buddy, so we built a beef burger with sesame seed burger buns (I had mine "naked"), with smoked mozzarella, fresh avo on side and basil pesto. It came with a large portion of sweet potato chips that were amazing!

What I love about their food is that it's all made from the freshest ingredients and it's done in-house. They make their burger patties from scratch (you can choose between lamb, chicken, beef or vegetarian - which is a grilled giant big mushroom). The buns are baked in-house too, with a choice of either sesame seed kaiser, brioche, multi-grain, plain or olive ciabatta...

Toppings range from swiss emmental and creamy camembert to roasted red peppers and tomato-coriander salsa.

It's totally gourmet at an affordable rate.

But besides the food, we love that they support local craft beers and if you're unsure about the names and types of beer, opt to do a tasting, which costs R30 for 6 small glasses of beer.
I love the triggerfish and saints house draught the best... the cocktails are also pretty popular.

Other cool things to look out for: the fully functional 60s juke box, awesome artwork on the roof interiors and on a sunny (warm) day, book to sit outside and catch some of that Kloof-street culture.

For more info, visit, or call 021 424 0030 to book.

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