Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tamboers Winkel

Have any of you heard about Tamboers Winkel yet?
It's an awesome little deli-cum-coffee shop just off Kloof Street.

They have a variety of salads, sandwhiches and lunch meals such as home-made chicken pie or roast chicken and soup of the day for take-away as well as a great selection of local cheeses (from The Real Cheese, Fairview and Forest Hill Cheesery) and charcuterie (Twelve Pigs and the Black Forest Butchery) and delicious deluxe coffee (local boutique roastery)...

Other deli-style items on offer are freshly baked breads from Manna down the road, free range eggs and free range chickens (from Elkana Poultry Farm outside Montague), olives, olive oils, balsamic vinegar,

Theo - the owner - also boast about the berry ice tea... in terms of other drinks, visitors are welcome to bring their own wine (although wine and craft beers will be available as soon as the restaurant obtains its liquor license).

It's great to know where all the food comes from, and it's especially awesome that it's local :-)

The decor is also very quirky, filled with vintage items, recycled crates and so on...

Try it for your next lunch... and they stay open 'til about 7pm, so it could wrok for an early dinner spot too... Cheese boards and snack plates work well

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