Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wine Gem Wine Safari

A couple weeks ago I sent in tons of  photos of myself drinking wine in a 'wild' fashion, in hopes of winning one of the golden tickets to the Wine Gem Wine Safari day... little did I know I would leave the trip with more 'wild' wine photos from one day than I had managed to accumulate over the past year.
It was an awesome trip, organised by T from Siris Vintners (@SirisVintners) and Gem from AndUnion's Wine Gem tasting sessions (
We started with Weiss and unfiltered lager for breakfast, or a Bavarian Breakfast as Wes and Victoria called it. They were sneakily disguised (from the cops) in robot party cups, which started getting slightly soggy, only meaning we had to drink the beer faster. It was cold though, and we were thirsty – so this was no problem. 

The rest of the story is best told through these pictures...

let the games begin!

sobriety was soon overtaken at Haut Espoir (

our wine blending stations at Haut Espoir

love this office space

"This is what real skating looks like Richard!"

showing off some serious Sabrage skills

ideal paparazzi hiding spot

Vic: We're laughing now, but my wine blend is going to kick your blends ass!

some of our wine blend judges - they weren't a big fan of 'Tits & Ass'

braai boys

sexy couple getting married in one month today - eeeek!

getting to know Sam Merlot (girl)

oooh girl!

balancing act

I'm just not letting go of this bottle

tim was quite popular with the ladies

"I should have gone for that manicure!"

"fascinating ear Richard"

cheers to great boobs

I'm sure we fell about 0.5 seconds after this photo was taken

red wine stain much?

friends through wine

"well hello!"

hiawatha joined in the tasting
Tim looking rather flushed

Wes pulling a zuma


bubbly tasting at Moresson

I think it was: Gunther Gunther Gunther!!
pouts all round

drink your weight in wine

T - legendary safari host


Richard said...

Fantastic article written in pictures Ames ... ;-) I'm thirsty and it's 08:15am ...

Amy said...

AAAh it was so much fun Rich!!! hopefully they'll do one again :-)

Rob said...

Awesome sauce! Tits and Ass ftw! Loved the post, great pics. Pop back up any time ladies and gents