Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hemelhuijs - the ultimate Cape Town lunch spot

Today I went for lunch at Hemelhuijs... (I know, you're jealous right now) and it was not just any indulgent three-course lunch, but the launch of their new menu.

 I agonised over my choices, debating with the foodies around me on what to try. Eventually I settles on the beetroot salad with warm roast duck, celeriac, walnut praline and aged balsamic as my starter (R55) and the slow roasted pork neck with milk stout, Abraham lyle & son golden syrup, ginger and cauliflower (R120).
And then there were the desserts.... to-die-for... I was trying to squeeze bits of nougat, apple and peacan tart in with a mouthful of orange cake with caramel icing *groan*

beetroot and duck salad

pork neck

They have gorgeous freshly squeezed fruit juices – and I mean fresh – try the pear, carrot, apple and winter melon juice (R45 - 500ml).
pear, carrot, apple and winter melon juice

Other lunch hits were the aubergine with gorgonzola, olive cream and pear (R45 starter, R80 for main); the braised beef brisket with snails, garlic butter and parsley (R130 main) and the sichuan peppered calamari with lime mayonaise and green papaya salad (R85).

Chef and designer Jacques Erasmus, besides thrilling and filling us with his awesome food, he has made the most beautiful crockery and wooden serving bowls, which were simply gorgeous.

So make a turn next time you're in De Waterkant area for a luscious lunch...

021 418 2042
Check out these awesome zoo-biscuit style cookies, hand painted and available from Hemelhuijs

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