Friday, September 21, 2012

First ever South African edition of Gourmet Magazine

We got our copies today... and I can't believe how the past few months of work have finally come together so beautifully in this magazine.
It the first ever South African edition of Conde Nast Gourmet magazine (brought to you by the House & Garden team)...
It is officially on sale from 1 October in stores country wide and from today at the Good Food & Wine Show Johannesburg.
It is the Spring/Summer issue and will be on sale until December.
Once it is officially out, I'll post the pages that I did so you guys can have a look....
Until then - here is the (low res pdf version) cover:


Sinestesia Gastronómica said...

Hi Amy,

I´m a spanish girl and I´m living in Vic Falls since past July. Last week I was house sitting at Friend´s house and I saw this magazine and I loved it. Congratulations!!!!



Amy Hopkins said...

Thanks Raquel!