Thursday, September 27, 2012

Foodie vibes from overseas

I recently just got back from my honeymoon trip in Europe. My husband and I visited a few countries and indulged wickedly in beer, wine and food everywhere we went. Thus said I have a few posts I would like to out up regarding some cool little food discoveries we made on our travels.
Having said that, we have also realized that eating out in Cape Town is seriously affordable and that we have really good value for money in South Africa.
We were paying average prices of R65 a (small) beer and at least R150-R200 each for a lunch-time meal, where as in Cape Town prices are normally half that.
We found that wine, funnily enough was not that much more expensive that what we pay for wine in South Africa and we tried Italian, French, Chilean and Argentinian wine in Europe.

Drinking Italian wine in Venice

Look out for the next couple of posts on where and how we teased, tantalized and satisfied our appetites.

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