Thursday, September 27, 2012

beer halls and pork knuckles


This central 'square' in Munich is a great place to start your food journey through the city. Admittedly if you get stuck in one of the near-by beer halls, you won't go very far.


Shops and food stalls align the square, and just around the corner is a street/market filled with food stalls, mostly containing meat. Meat in any form - sausages, slabs of bacon, cured meats. In Germany they LOVE their pork.
Its worth grabbing a couple sausages, which are served with a roll and hot mustard. Just point to a few that you like, grab a local beer and stroll around the streets.

Unlike in Cape Town or the whole of South Africa, people can openly drink on the streets and public places pretty much all over Europe.

If you have to choose a beer hall, a great one to visit is the oldest beer hall in Munich (for the history and vibe), called Hofbrauhaus. Look it up here:

The beers are only served in 1 litre steins and cost about 7 to 8 Euros. Tipping the 'big-breasted' frauline serves and the humourless male serves is very important as you want them to pay attention to you and fill up your steins at regular intervals.
The only beer that is sevre din a 500ml glass is a weiss bier (honey wheat beer). I ordered a dunkeld (dark lager) and Tim ordered the Weiss bier (which really confused our waiter as the weiss is commonly drank by ladies and the dark lager by burly, hairy men).
The Dunkeld is delicious and I am sad to report that I could only manage 2 beers (which equates to 2 litres of beer).
They have traditional live music and it's only polite to cheers and loudly say 'PROST!' with your beer glass raised. Squeeze in to a table and make strangers your new friends... German people are awesome once they have a had a couple of beers ;-)

But particularly delicious was the pork knuckle... I traditional German carnivorous meal that helps to combat the effects of the alcohol. The crispy roasted knuckle of pork served in natural gravy with a grated potato dumpling for 13Euros. Also try some of the specialty sausages if you have room...

As I write this I know that Oktoberfest is in full swing and I was lucky enough to taste the Oktoberfest beer before we left – which for some sadistic reason is stronger in alcohol than the other beer. But just in case it gets too much for the party people there, the bathrooms have vomitoriums. That's right. Places where you can vomit in order to start drinking again. 

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