Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where to get micro-brewery beer in Amsterdam: Café Genootschap der Geneugten

Amsterdam is the home of Heinekin and Amstel, but if you want to try some local micro-brewed beer, pop into Cafe Genootschap der Geneugten on Kerkstraat 54.
When we went they had three microbeers on tap and a number of Belgium and German speciality beers as well. Some of them are quite strong, so we advise asking about this before hand (about 8%). Expect to pay between 4 and 6 Euros for a small beer (about 250ml).
My favourite was the De Manke Monnik, brewed by De Bekeerde Suster.
What I also loved about this cute little spot a little off the main drag is that we were the only tourists there, the rest were locals. There is pavement seating for beautiful days and cosy indoor seating for those more common wintery days. 


Maree Hugo said...

Heading over to Amsterdam in December! Any other foodie/drink and cool spots I can look out for??

Will def keep this microbrewery in mind :)

Amy said...

Hi Maree! I'm so happy you found this helpful!
Take a look at this link to more things we did in amsterdam: