Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Santa Shoebox time

In the build up to December and Christmas holidays, The Santa Shoebox Project is once again asking for people to pledge a shoebox with Christmas goodies to little kids less fortunate than us.
Last year my husband and I 'adopted' two little boys to create Santa Shoeboxes for and this year we are pledging for two children again and all of us at House & Garden magazine are each pledging for children as well. So this year I will be making three shoeboxes.
It is such a great initiative and I would encourage anyone to get involved where they can, whether it is volunteering some time to sort the boxes or make up a box with a friend or partner - either way you'll be aiding in giving a joyous and much-needed gift to kids around the country that are often orphans/homeless/children affected by HIV/AIDS and so on...
For more information, please visit the Santa Shoebox website: http://www.santashoebox.co.za
The target is ambitious this year:

As you can see, about 28 000 boxes (28 000 children) are still in need of a little shoebox hamper.
For a brief guideline from the website of what to include and not to include, click here
Here is a list of what must be included in the shoebox:
-an outfit or item of clothing
-educational supplies
-face cloth and bar of soap
-toothbrush and toothpaste
There is a also a list on the website stating which items will be taken out of the boxes if found. This list includes liquids, any war-related toys, potentially dangerous items, electronics, medicines, perishable foods, fragile items and so on.
A shoe box is fairly small, and depending on how you would like to balance the items given, here is an example of what I am putting in a shoebox for a five year old boy:
  • a t-shirt, shorts and a hoodie (this will take up most of the space)
  • crayons and colour-in dinosaur stickers
  • face cloth and antibacterial soap
  • lolly-pops, marshmellows and a Christmas candy
  • age-appropriate toothbrush and paste
  • tennis ball
Last year I had more toys and less clothing – but I couldn't resist the cute little 'Rock n Roll' hoodies that I found. 

Decorating the shoe box is also fun and I still need to add final touches to mine... So spread the Christmas spirit and love and please join this worthy cause. 

 The deadline is 25 October... so that's 23 days to go!

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