Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wheat-free in Venice

I fell in love with Venice.
It was this eerily romantic and mysterious floating city that really made me feel like I was breathing in the true essence of Europe. The rich history, beautifully dressed people, gorgeous old building and crooked-falling-apart buildings, the wine, the seafood, the pasta, the beautiful language which I tried to learn bursts of phrases of...
But what really made me feel that I could belong in this city is that cater for 'special' types like me. (I mean special in the sensitive-stomach, food allergy kind of way).
Of course I wanted to eat real Italian pasta in Italy... but was worried that I wouldn't be able to (or that I would spend the rest of the afternoon/evening paying for my sins).
But as it turns out, these pasta-consuming individuals cater for the likes of me. It really isn't that hard to find restaurants that make wheat-free pasta. They do not usually say so on the menu (restaurants display their menus outside as they do in France), so just ask for it when checking out the restaurants.
Italian food may seem a little bland at first, especially to my palate, but that is because they love using only a few ingredients and their focus is often on using fresh, uncomplicated combinations. This way it is also easy to inquire about the ingredients used.
WE found this fabulous little restaurant called Ostaria al Garanghelo (check out their website here )
They're slightly off the beaten track, and we came upon them really by accident... Like most restaurants in Venice, they specialize in seafood.

More reasons that allergy-prone people should love Italy: dairy-free gelato; adding milk to coffee is seen as a sin; wheat-free products are readily available in grocery stores and for affordable prices...

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