Monday, November 26, 2012

Cape Town Beer Festival 2012 - a story through pictures

So this year's beer festival was amazing! I went on Friday and Saturday night and had an absolute blast both evenings, however random they were...
Here is my take on the this year's CTFestofBeer - told through a bunch of photographs :-)

We arrived Friday evening and the first port of call was to get some dinner to line our stomachs for the drinking marathon ahead... The Taj stand provided the most delicious butter chicken curry

San Julian Mexican restaurant had great tacos on offer (plus tequila)

We enjoyed the tacos so much, we had them at 6:30pm and again at 11pm...

And here the festivities begin!!
step 1: sip beer

'hmmmm delicious'

step 2: eat dinner

step 3: find your drinking buddies
Stellenbrau had 2 great beers on offer: the Alumni Ale and the Craven Craft Lager

Gallows Hill Brewing co had an amazing American Brown Ale

I loved Saggy Stone's Big Red Ale and the Desert Lager

I can't remember what we tried form these guys... I think the weiss - but whatever it was, it was pretty delicious

I did a full on tasting of the Brew Dog products, and walked away with a stick-on tattoo and slightly less dignity
Making more friends

Stealing beer (not really...)

Tim - double parking

Darling Brew's latest offering: Silver Back
Tim found his own eponymous beer stand

The Bone Crusher is still one of my most favourite beers

Triggerfish offer some great beers, such as the Hammer Head and Empowered Stout

Terrence (Siris Vintners) - the wine guy who often gets us into trouble....

The Serious Siris Stand
Beer Fest Take 2: Saturday - it was so cold, that after trying some beer, we had to drink red wine just to keep us warm - of course the aforementioned Terrence had no problem with this...

and more wine....

and more drinking friends.... (I think I am double parking wine and beer in this pic)

The truth is, we had stumbled into a bachelor party... with 'Bach-man' on the far right creating much of the entertainment

and more wine... by this stage we were getting out of hand...

and by this stage Beer Festival was over and we ended up at Slut and legless, I mean *cough*, Slug and Lettuce... all in all a great weekend :-)

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