Thursday, November 29, 2012

Exclusive Brandy Cocktail menu at the new Mano A Mano

South Africa is (to some people) synonymous with brandy (particularly brandy and coke)… But the launch of our very own brandy route and SA brandy app, there is a real move out there to try educate brandy drinkers on different ways to enjoy the potent stuff.

I popped in to a new restaurant the other day called Mano A Mano, just off Kloof Street on Park Road near the Fat Cactus. It's a cute breakfast/lunchtime kind of spot with cafe-style dishes such as pastas, salads and sandwiches.
Apple Breeze

The cool factor: They have a unique brandy cocktail list.
With a selection of 8 cocktails, tailor-made to suit different tastes, many of them are paired up with specific dishes, such as:

-The ‘Apple Breeze’ (Fish Eagle brandy, cloudy apple juice and cranberry juice) can be savoured with a light pasta
-The ‘Ama-lekkerlicious’ (KWV, cranberry juice and peach syrup) can be enjoyed with a crisp fresh salad.
- And the FHM Brandy Cocktail of the Year winner, the ‘Fynbos’ (Collisons chilled in a martini glass and shaken with rooibos tea and ginger liqueur) is the perfect companion for a Mano A Mano chicken prego roll.



The Ama-lekkerlicious was my favourite!

Be sure to pop in for a visit :-)
021 422 4415

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