Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lucerne's weekly open-air food market

Recently when I was in Lucerne, we managed to catch the weekly Saturday open-air market along the river Reuss.

I found the range of ingredients and quality of produce really inspiring. I couldn't resist trying the local Swiss cheeses, fresh seasonal fruits and deli items.

Fresh fruit and salad goods

There was such a variety of vegetables and salad making ingredients

olives and stuffed pepperdews

The olives were fantastic... I took some with me to snack on for our journey to Paris

Fresh Raviloi

They have an amazing selection of meats and sausages

The cheeses were delicious and rich

All the fruits and vegetables provide such a burst of colour
Make sure you have enough Franks with you as they don't really have card machines

Best of all, the atmosphere, friendliness of the people and location just made the market such a treat to wonder around and indulge. Just make sure you have enough Franks with you...
The market is open from quite early on, at least 7am until lunchtime.

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