Monday, December 10, 2012

Franschhoek 'Magic of Bubbles' Champagne Festival 2012 wrap-up

This year's Champagne Festival was one of the best one's I have ever been too.
We gorged ourselves on beautiful bubblies, swayed (probably because our legs were a little wobbly) to the live music and indulged in oysters, strawberries, gourmet salads and other decadent treats all from Franschhoek and the surrounding areas. Due to other commitments I only managed to go one day this year and that was Sunday. The theme is always black and white, but this year, there was an additional 'birds and bows' theme attached.
Here's how it went:

As soon as I arrived I went in search of some food

Everyone was raving about the sundried tomato, feta filled breads from Bread & Wine

Pastries and treats galore

Huguenot Fine Chocolates

Haute Cabriere Pierre Jourdan - the CUV√ČE Brut is one of my best and I consumed a bottle of it just this past weekend (not all by myself, I promise)

Graham Beck is always a winner and their stand looked fabulous on the day

From next year Morena will be offering interesting walks on their property, where many many years ago the elephants used to roam
And by now (if you read this blog on a regular basis), you will know that when you see this face – Terrence from Siris Vintners – that things are about to get wild... I did a full tasting of the Chabivin MCCs and Champagnes. Out of the MCCs I loved the Aclemee the best and the Millesime Champagne was amazing

Gerald Clark Band entertained us with live Blues

Moreson wine estate has some fabulous bubblies and I love the Miss Molly

Miss Molly comes in a magnum size bottle for only R145 - a steal! So I bought some for the upcoming Chritsmas holidays

Champagne and Strawberries - quite the winning combination

Finally, some more drinking buddies arrived to partake in the festivities

Don't be fooled, that bow tie was never tied in the first place...

As you can see the weather was a bit overcast, but this actually made the day even better because it's normally so scorching hot

We continued to get slightly out of hand...
Overall, an amazing time :-) Twitter hashtag: #fhkbubbly


Anonymous said...

awesome article. and great pix of beautiful people.

Amy Hopkins said...

Thanks :-) It was such a lovely day! Champagne festival is a wonderful event and I will def go again next year!