Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas, Resolutions and Beer adventures...

After a lovely holiday, including a trip up the East Coast of SA, lots of beach time, wine time and beer time, I am finally back in the office and ready to get a grip on this year!

I haven't made any resolutions for this year... I must have forgotten about them in between shots of tequila and caramel vodka on New Years Eve... But I do aim to enjoy life to the max, continuing with my journey into WINEdom and BEERdom, while fantasizing about the house on a small patch of Indonesian Island paradise I will one day own.

On my trip up the coast I made it a mission to find some local beer. In MosselBay I drank Glenhoff draught, which is made by the micro brewery called South Cape Breweries (check them out here: It was super delicious!

Drinking Glenhoff Lager on Santos Beach, Mossel Bay
While in Port Alfred visiting my family for Christmas, we spent one evening at my favourite pub, The Highlander (attached to The St Andrew's Lodge: We bumped into friends we haven't seen in years and ended up having such a fabulous time, I was truly sorry to leave for Cape Town the next day.

While there, we sampled some local beer again, which is available on tap in the pub. They offer a pilsner, ale and a porter, all made by the Little Brewery on the River ( I loved the porter.

Double parking at The Highlander

Kowie Gold Pilsner, Squire's Porter and Coin Ale
The Highlander Pub, Port Alfred

All in all a great vacation with far too much good food, beverages and fun times...

Well, here's to 2013, and may it be a goodie!!


EC_Brew said...

Just a quick correction - Little Brewery on the River doesn't brew a stout - it's a porter :-)

Amy Hopkins said...

Thanks! Have amended :-) It was sooo delicious!