Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fairview revisited

I last went to Fairview Wine Estate about two years ago and, upon finding out that my hubby had never been ("What? You haven't been to that place? with the goat? with the tower?" – You learn something new everyday), I insisted we paid it a visit. After all, it was the very first wine farm I ever visited when I was all of 17 years old, fresh from boarding school in the Limpopo Province. It was an introduction to what my future life (now nearly ten years on) would comprise of: copious amounts of wine drinking.

So we set off towards Paarl and into the winelands for a day of fun.The estate is beautiful and very family friendly, with a play area for kids, where they can pet, feed and milk goats.
It's just R25 for a wine and cheese tasting. It includes six wines of your choice and there were seven cheese available for tasting on the day. You can also go between the two tasting stations, sampling different wines with the cheeses.

I am a massive fan of the goat's milk blue cheese and the goat's milk cheese Crottin (full flavoured, firm, white mould cheese ). In terms of the wine, I like the Fairview Shiraz (no surprise there). They also have a wide range of Italian-style wines. They also had the most gorgeous freshly baked breads, we bought a 40% rye sourdough with honey loaf – just delicious!

If you haven't been yet, it's definitely worth a visit. Not going is like saying you went to visit Cape Town without going up Table Mountain – it's just not right! ;-)

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