Monday, February 4, 2013

UP THE CREEK 2013: the best one yet!

official arm band
It's lunchtime on the Monday post Up The Creek 2013 and even though I'm still a bit exhausted, I think my liver has recovered.
What an amazing weekend it was! It was my fifth Up The Creek and this edition was totally rocking!
We camped in style, floated in the river for hours, drank litres G&Ts and danced til our hearts content...
We made new friends (a group calling themselves the Tight Tie-dye Tigers – all in tie-dye shirts) and saw old friends (primary school days!).

This year I rallied a group of friends for their virgin creek experience. First up (as I consider myself a Creek veteran), I compiled a survival guide 'check list' with one of my partners in crime, Staci and mailed it to said group of virgin creekers.
Here it is:

check list
Entrance gate

arriving at Up The Creek

 As some of the virgin creekers were Jewish, we had a 'shabbat' of sorts to ease into the weekend on Friday night, before heading off to the dance area for some live music. Saarkie and Karen Zoid were my favourite acts of the night and the Nacho lady totally rocked my world with a dairy-free, wheat-free option! We went to bed just after 1am, not too late, as we wanted to be up and about for the big day on the river. (I didn't take my camera to the river - apologies for the lack of pics!)

lining the tummies with food

I'm-so-excited smile

This year the river was deeper then the previous couple years, but with shallow sand banks a 'river' dance floor was created, with a stage in the water. Grassy Spark were amazing!! We danced and splashed and floated on lilos for hours before having a lunch break (pizza, more nachos and Nutella crepes – yes the food stands were awesome!) and then another afternoon session in the water.

Tabard - essential mosquito repellent

Staci my partner in crime for the festival

The Creek

Dance area

Having started with G&T's in the afternoon, moving on to tequila and cider, we were definitely swaying from side to side (in rhythm, of course) to Jeremy Loops, Peachy Keen and Desmond and the Tutus. After black Cat Bones had finished their performance, a group of guys ran on stage, naked, with burning torches between their legs. Hundreds of people stood, stared agape at the spectacle in front of them. Fire Hydrants were pulled out and the flames were doused and the men were gone! What a crazy night! The rest of the night was a bit of the blur...

one more tequila??? hmmmmmm

Jeremy Loops
Peachy Keen

The next morning there was a soft drizzle as we headed home, sad to leave our crazy fun-filled weekend behind, but exhausted and ready to go home, I asked the now no-longer-virginal-creekers what they thought of the experience. Most impressive to them was the fact that the bathrooms were so clean, there was handwash, amazing showers and loo paper at all times.

All in all, such good times!!!

Visit the website for more info:

Party Rockers

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