Wednesday, March 13, 2013

95 Keerom - the best Italian food in Cape Town

95 Keerom

I was invited to a launch recently at 95 Keerom (famed and award-winning Italian chef, Giorgio Nava's restaurant).

He has been awarded again and again for making the best authentic Italian food outside of Italy in the world... and it was great to revisit the restuarant to taste some of his signature dishes.

The last time I was at 95 Keerom, I ate the carpaccio and the steak tartare (clearly I was having a carnivorous craving). They were both amazing, rich and of utmost high quality.

The menu for the launch event consisted of the following dishes: beef carpaccio, zucchini risotto and ostrich medallions with polenta and sauteed mushrooms. Everything was so well put together, with great flavour intensity, all paired beautifully with a new range of wines from the Fairtrade farm, Bosman Family Vineyards (from the Wellington region), called: De Bos Handpicked Vineyards.

95 Keerom is a classic Italian stalwart and a must for anyone visiting Cape Town.

Il Carpaccio “95”
beef carpaccio drizzled with homemade mayonnaise sauce topped with fresh rocket and shaved parmesan - paired excellently with the De Bos Walker Bay Pinot Noir

Zucchini risotto - a great combination with the De Bos Walker Bay Chardonnay

Ostrich medallions with polenta and mushrooms - the ostrich worked so well with the De Bos Walker Bay Merlot
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Bosman Family Vineyards:

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