Monday, May 20, 2013

Riebeek Kasteel olive festival wrap-up 2013

Yes I know this post is a little overdue.
Riebeek Kasteel's annual olive festival (which should also be known as annual debauchery festival) is a fun-filled weekend with plenty of wine consumption, olive tasting, tractor riding and general shenanigans. This was my second year attending the festival and I can safely say, as much as I tried to avoid getting too tipsy, I ended up slurping wine and singing festive songs (in between hiccups) in the olive emporium on Saturday evening... pretty much just as I did last year.

Loved this Oakhurst extra virgin olive oil and the bottles are just beautiful

Cab Cult from Cloof Wine Estate - the same wine estate which plays host to the Rocking the Daisies music festival each year.

olive tasting stations in the Olive Emporium

Olives to die for!

Getting ready to do some serious wine tasting

Entry is R100 per person. The olive emporium is a good place to start and end your day because you can sample an array of olives, oils and wines and then come back and buy all the goodies you like before you leave.
I bought quite a few jars of olives from various stand and some olive oils from Willow Creek. I love their truffle-flavoured olive oil and the extra virgin 'squeeze me' olive oil (with easy squeezy bottle). (

Willow Creek's stand at the olive emporium

Waiting for the tractor
There are tractors that take visitors to the festival from venue to venue, so once you're there you can park your car and not worry about driving again until home time. Thank goodness Mr fabulosity volunteered to be DD that day.

I did manage to find some great good-value wines, from Pulpit Rock and Kloovenburg. Riebeek Kasteel is also known as Shiraz country and it being my favourite varietal, I was on a mission to buy some bottles. I love the Stories Pinotage Shriaz blend from Pulpit Rock (R40 per bottle). If you leave it to breath in a decanter for half an hour and then serve it, its super smooth and flavourful. Good body, but easy drinking.

Wines from Pulpit Rock

Some of Kloovenburg's wines
I love Kloovenburg's Shiraz and their White from Red Brut rose. During the festival Kloovenburg has a food market, plenty of tastings and great cheese platters. It's very festive and also family friendly.

We also went to Het Vlock Casteel which always has a lot of festivities going on. We ate fantastic oysters for lunch at the venue and listened to some live music.

For more info on festivals and events in Riebeek Kasteel, visit:

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