Friday, June 28, 2013

50 New International Wines now available at Checkers

Known for their great collection of local wines (from over 80 different wineries), Checkers has now brought in a range of 50 different international wines, from countries such as New Zealand, Spain, Argentina, Australia, France and Chile – all for very affordable prices. 

A panel of top local winos tasted thousands (well, maybe hundreds) of wines from various countries, rating them out of 20 and looking at the aspect of affordability. Only wines that got a 15/20 score and up were included and are now available at the selected supermarkets nationwide.
Wine can now also be bought online via Checkers online wine shopping website here:

To introduce the range of international wines to the public, Checkers invited a few of us media-blogging peeps to sample 9 of the wines at an event at Jenny Morris' Giggling Gourmet Cooking Studio. We tried some French Champagne, Argentinian Malbec, Rhone Shiraz, Bourdeaux blends, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Spanish Greanache and so on... 

Yesterday I popped into my local Checkers in Sea Point and bought some bottles of 2011 Argentinian Malbec/Shiraz blend and 2011 Spanish Tempranillo/Grenache blend, both under R40.
While I totally support local, it is great to be able to try international wines and to have them so easily available.
To make up for my international buying, I will be heading to Franschhoek this weekend to stock up on some incredible local wines.

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Have a great weekend!

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