Friday, July 5, 2013

Seeds of Truth – Truth Coffee's amazing new eco initiative

A colleague and friend told me about Truth Coffee's new amazing environmentally friendly initiative: Seeds of Truth. 

Just listen to this – Truth Coffee (excellent Cape Townian coffee roasters) joined forces with NATIVE to transform disposable coffee cups into herb containers.

This from their website:

Ever stopped to wonder about the impact your daily joe-on-the-go is having on the environment? Turns out, one takeaway cup a day for a year can create one ton of waste, clear 30m of forest or add 10 kg of carbon to the atmosphere.

But what if your disposable coffee cup could disappear? Or better yet, morph into something organic? Digital advertising agency NATIVE and artisan coffee roaster TRUTH in Cape Town have reinvented the humble takeaway cup, implanting herb seeds in the protector ring for the Seeds of Truth project.

Once you’ve downed your last drop of java, scrunch up the paper protector containing seeds and drop it into the cup, add soil, water and a bit of patience and voilà – herbs will sprout. The beautifully designed cups are biodegradable and can be planted in your garden, leaving a green reminder that a little bit of truth can go a long way.

The limited edition Seeds of Truth coffee cups, designed by illustrator Christiaan Venter, will be available at Truth at 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town while stocks last. Choose from basil, rocket or thyme and don’t forget to add the engraved stick stirrer to your cup so you know which herb is which.

Being a balcony gardener, I think these little herb-growing coffee cups is such an ingenious idea – I'll be heading to Truth Coffee's headquarters this weekend to get my caffeine fix and some new plants ;-)

For more information visit and follow them on Twitter @TruthCoffee

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