Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tanquery and Lindt - a partnership made in heaven

I was recently invited to the Lindt Chocolate Studio in Cape Town to experience an evening of chocolate tasting and cocktail making with Tanqueray London Dry Gin. The partnership between these two iconic and highly respected brands resulted in the creation of  8 new cocktails that have each been paired perfectly with chocolates from the Lindt Excellence range. Not only does the sweetness of the chocolate balance the dryness of the gin but it also enhances the flavours of the ingredients in Tanqueray gin.

I am a big fan of Tanquery, which was first introduced to me by my late Grandfather, Guy, on a family fly-fishing holiday in Dullstroom years ago. Many a G&T was enjoyed around the fireplace after a hard day's fishing, so I have such good memories associated with the brand. However, I don't often drink gin with anything else but tonic, so it was a fun and educating experience making a variety of cocktails with Tanquery at the event.

The Lindt chefs also whipped up a truly decadent chocolate fondant, with a white-chocolate Lindt ball inside - to die for!
The Lindt studio is open to the public, offering chocolates and other baking-related items for sale, as well as a selected range of truffles and hot chocolate throughout winter. (Look out for their homemade ice cream in summer!!)

Lindt chocolate studio:

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