Thursday, October 24, 2013

De Companje - best breakfast spot in Stellenbosch

This weekend I went to the fabulous little foodie emporium and bakery, De Companje in Stellenbosch for lunch.
I wrote a post on De OUde Bank Bakkerij when I first discovered it, just after it had opened two years ago.
See the original post here: 

Well, De Oude Bank Bakkerij is now just part of the expansion of the brand (no called De Companje), which features a wine shop, artisan ice cream section, fruit and veg section, artisanal food products (juices, yoghurts, jams, preserves, pestos etc), a boutique butchery, a coffee roastery and of course the original bakery-cum-cafe still operates serving the most astounding home-made breads (THE BEST SOUR DOUGH EVER!!)

Their coffee is superb and it's definitely worth going for breakfast if you can get a seat before 11:30.
Their pastries are mostly sold out by then and you don't want to miss the chocolate bread sticks or the Pastel de natas - hmmmmmmmm. Heavenly!

olive sticks from the bakery at De Companje

coffee roastery at De Companje - they make an amazing cuppa!

boutique butchery at De Companje

the restaurant has extended to include an upstairs section at De Companje

De Companje Oude Bank Bakkerij sandwhich with baby spinach, bacon, caranelised onions and feta on 90% rye sour dough bread. So delicious!

hubby eating roasted marshmellow ice cream and the salted caramel ice cream -
can we blame the man for not being able to choose one flavour!?
Get there as soon as possible.
Friendly advice: miss the post-church rush on a Sunday and get there early because they sell out every day.
De Companje:

Open Tuesday to Sunday, corner of Bird and Church Street Stellenbosch

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