Friday, May 4, 2012

dairy free chocolate 'chip' banana 'ice-cream'

I have been having absolute sweet cravings lately. I want to shove my face in every cake I see, bath in 100's of litres of chocolate, sink my teeth into a freshly baked jam doughnut.. the list goes on...
So while at home in my jarmies the other night, I whipped up an unusual dairy-free dessert: chocolate and banana 'ice-cream'

How is this possible you say?

Well, I keep chocolate spread from HONEST ( chocolate in my cupboard – it's raw, organic and decadently dark. I've written a post about them previously here:
The best thing, it's totally dairy- and sugar-free, made with only organic raw cacao, organic coconut oil, organically grown agave nectar and fresh vanilla pods.

You also have to really like bananas to like this recipe. I froze a couple of ripe bananas in the beginning of the week – great to keep for smoothies and so on. But I only found out the other day that when you freeze banana's and blend them on their own, they make a texture that is very similar to ice-cream. I tried it, and it worked! It was amazing...

So here's what I did: chop up 3-4 frozen – 'just starting to defrost' – bananas. Place them in a blender and blend until smooth, ice-cream like texture forms.

Add in a few tablespoons of the Honest chocolate spread... and blend together or simply stir it in. The chocolates gets hard and forms mini 'chips'. Delish :-)


w@n said...

This sounds amazing! Where can I find Honest chocolate?

Amy Hopkins said...

It's in Wale Street in town :-)

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