Friday, January 10, 2014

The L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate 2014

I am super amped for tomorrow's L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate! It's the foodie, festive, fabulous event that kicks off every social calendar in Cape Town...

In building up to tomorrow's big event, I spoke to one of SA's top fashion designer's Malcolm Kluk of KL√ĽK CGDT. 

Here are his top fashion tips for tomorrow:

Me: What fashion trends are super hot right now for men?
Malcolm: Overall the mood is dark, with lots of blues as the underlying palette. Fabrics are varied from denim and wool to lightweight pyjama silks. Floral is a strong print, again in a darker more sinister way and the silhouettes are very mid-century, think Cuba in the 40's and 50's.
In SA we are seeing the hipster movement show it's beard in the mainstream which works in the global scheme too. As well as sporty influences on silhouettes following the ladieswear bowling jackets and trainers.

Me: And women?
Malcolm: Womenswear is more varied. Influences range from the 40s, to sport and tribal with minimal silhouettes with architectural cuts, particularly in sleeves. Grunge is also veering its ugly head. Grey, navy and pink are strong colours with accents of metal and red, white and blue (but not together) Prints continue the tribal theme in geometrics and more animal and floral continues from last season, but the biggest newest look is the Check. Fabric surface interest is also huge with embroideries and tactile fabrics like faux fur. Leather and lightweight make a great juxtaposition.

Me: What shade of blue is the one to go for?
Malcolm: We always love Navy, but with the trend for prints, all blues are fair game. Our least favourite would be airforce or pilot blue.

Me: Hat or hairpiece?
Malcolm: Both! Hats are taking over from fascinators, but hair is such a strong part of identity, pieces are being adopted not only by black women for weaves, but all women as a means of changing their look instantly.

Me: Accessory of the moment for men?
Malcolm: Accessories are minimal. Sandals are the biggest footwear option for smarter event as well as platforms and even a bit of a heel on shoes. sunglasses are dark or tortoiseshell with thick frames, neckerchiefs are showing up all over as well as chunky watches and bracelets.
The newest accessory trend would be SPANX for men (control underwear)

Me: And women?
Malcolm: Womenswear accessories are a little confusing in that they don't stick to a specific era. Sunglasses are big and chunky like men in black and tortoise. The cats eye continues and gold lenses are newest. Bags are probably more forties inspired boxy and medium sized and the framed clutch is still the only choice for evening. Shoes are losing the platform but heels are chunkier and odd heights. The Chelsea is the boot of the season. Stud shoes should be put in storage, instead look for patterns and prints or vibrant colours. Headbands are a new look for headwear. For jewellery the chandelier is losing its light. Charm braces and statement neckwear are more now, also gold jewellery as opposed to white metal.

Me: What will you be wearing?
Malcolm: We'll be taking as much advice from ourselves above as we can.

Me: Top rescue tip for those who accidentally spill wine on their LQP dress?
Malcolm: Plain water is the best to dilute the stain, but ultimately forget about it or go home.

For more information on the event, visit:
General tickets start at R250.

See you there!