Thursday, April 23, 2009

IPL Madness

So while everyone is hot on elections and voting topics.. i would like to chat about something equally important (ok maybe not as important, but way more fun!)....

*** The IPL cricket ***

I went to yesterdays game at Newlands, and what an aweosme experience it was. The Deccan Charges vs the Royal Challengers Bangalore. What an amazing game! That was the most fun I have ever had watching a cricket game live!

Firstly lets set the scene:
-Packed stadium (except for the sponsored seats, which left a bitter taste in the mouths of people who couldn’t get tickets).

-The smell of curry, hot dogs, hamburgers and everything else delicious you can imagine.

-Live performances from well-known band ‘Goldfish’ (very funky african house/dance-type music with a bit of saxophone and – my favourite – a big double base... thought this might need some explanation as i have non earthlings reading my blog).

-Sexy cheer leaders, some of whom are from the US, but sometimes their looks don’t make up for their somewhat boring dance routine (at least they got the timing right this time. I was told that at the opening ceremony they had no idea when they had to cheer for their individual teams, as they didn’t understand the rules of the game!).

-Costumes! There were 20-something-year-old guys dressed up as maids with balloons by their chests and pillows by their bums stuffed into their Checkers ‘ousie’ outfits. There were other costumes too, but I can’t remember what they all were now.

-Fire works! Every time a six was hit, a person was caught out, or some such big event, fire works went into the air, and you know how many sixes my team (Deccan Charges) hit – it was a sight to be seen! (Gilchris is a mean batting machine!)

-The Crusaders graced us with their presence. I was standing amongst them as I entered the stadium. Suddenly I noticed the men around me were larger than average and they were all wearing the same shirts. And I caught the one staring at my chest – how rude, and I felt immediately embarrassed. I had been momentarily separated from boyfriend, but when I found him, he told me who the large red shirted men were. I suppose I can forgive them just because they are super-famous and, well, they could squash me with their big toe if they wanted to.

so that was the cricket....
Gotta love the indian music that played briefly when someone hit a four.

All i can say is, if you have the chance to go, GO!!! buy tickets, just go!!!!

I have loads more to wrie, but due to hectic work at the mo havent been able to, and apologise for now. I will update soon. I have to still talk about my KKNK weekend and other band sive seen perfrom recently.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Easter msg.. chocolate can be good for you!


In the spirit of this wonderful holiday (a well needed one at that!), I thought I would briefly chat about those delish lindt bunnies… yummmmmmy!!
I am not a huge chocolate fan in general, but do love lindt, especially the dark chocolate!

An interesting fact for the day…
Did you know chocolate can be good for you:
A particular cocoa flavanol, epicatechin, triggers blood vessels to release nitric oxide, which relaxes nearby muscle fibres, allowing arteries to expand and carry more blood (ref: Mary Engler, Journal of the American College of nutrition) – So, a dark chocolate bar can enhance artery dialation.

Some Lindt chocolate history:
It all started in a small pastry shop on Marktgasse in Zurich's old town in 1845. Confectioner David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his 29 year old son Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann, who also trained to be a confectioner, dared to do something new: they decided to make chocolate. In particular and in keeping with the new fashion that came from Italy – solid bars - just like François-Louis Cailler in Vevey and Philippe Suchard in Neuchâtel had already been done.
Up to that point people knew chocolate almost exclusively as a drink! The new treat quickly became popular among the fine Zurich society so that the chocolate factory had to be moved after just 2 years from the tiny bakery in Zurich to a small factory with water on tap in Horgen on the upper shores of Lake Zurich. Up to ten people were already employed there….
I am not going to go on and on, if you are really interested, read more about lindt history at

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
Spoil yourself!
Eat Chocolate and hot-cross buns!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cant this wkd arrive any sooner.....

I am so looking forward to the Easter weekend!
It seems to be a real weekend of music in SA. Firstly there is the Coke Zero fest in JHB and then in CT with bands such as snow patrol, oasis (yawn) and many other local and international bands playing. there is Splashy Fen in Durbs, also for local artists trying to strut their stuff...
And then there is KKNK – which i am going to!!!
Can't wait!
Yes it is predominantly an Afrikaans festival, but bands such as aKing and Bed on Bricks will also be there. Plus there's tons to do in Oudtshoorn. So look out for updates, pics and opinions next week!
I am determined to hide at least a few easter eggs for the fun of it :-P
I will then return to CT on the Sunday and attend the TOBASCO OYSTER AND CHAMPAGNE FESTIVAL @ BLOEMENDAL...
The events main attraction will be the oyster cook-off competition presented by 15 various restaurants from the Durbanville and surrounding areas that will show off their skills at preparing dishes with oysters.
* A “shuck and slurp” competition will form part of the event.
* Food and wine pairing demonstrations by top South African celebrity chefs.
* All dishes prepared by the food and wine pairing demonstration will be auctioned and all proceeds will go to a local charity.
* Wine tasting demonstrations by local winemakers.
* Live broadcast by popular Cape Town radio station.
* Live performance by Boulevard Blues Band.
* Live entertainment by local musicians throughout the festival.
* Oysters: 10 000 oysters must be consumed at the event!!! (woo hoo)
* 20 restaurants will demonstrate their skills, each transforming 400 oysters into mouthwatering dishes.
* 2 000 oysters at the TABASCO® Hotspot Oyster Bar.
* Champagne: 10 Champagne, Cap Classic and Sparkling Wine exhibitors to complement the oysters.
* Food Stalls: 4 food stalls will supply patrons and non oyster lovers with alternative cuisine.

Zuma's charges dropped... But Zille is not giving up... here's what i think....

Imagine this… you were accused of doing something that you didn’t do, something shameful and terrible. If you had an opportunity to prove your innocence, wouldn’t you? Of course with the charges being dropped, we will never know if Jacob Zuma is innocent or guilty. And he is celebrating this news... Remember the charges werent dropped becaus eof lack of evidence against him... but because other political figures were silly enough to meddle with the prosectution. Seriously, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this implies….

Yesterday, April 6 2009, was a day that will be remembered through out history – our children will study this is in years to come! The much-contested affair about Jacob Zuma’s (ANC President) corruption charges and involvement in the ‘Arms deal’ all came to an abrupt end.
It was as if the whole country sighed at once – a disappointed, helpless sigh – as the NPA (national prosecuting authority) declared that all charges will be dropped. It was a moment that divided the country and yet set us all a new goal!
It is undoubted that the ANC will still win in the upcoming election (what was that thing my mother always told me about the masses being stupid?). But we can at least ensure it is not a two-thirds majority win.
All we need is for SA to be headed in the same direction as Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

On that note – poor Morgan Tsvangirai’s family members seem to be dropping like flies, after he accepted to head a coalition government with Mugabe. First his wife died in a mysterious car accident, and now his grandson died over the past weekend... Very fishy indeed… Like something out of the God Father movies…

Back to Zuma

Updated News (from various reports):
South Africa's NPA had a mountain of evidence against Mr Zuma and had charged him with graft, racketeering and money laundering in connection with a 1999 arms deal.
But the case was dropped because phone-tapping evidence suggested political interference in the investigation.
The acting national chief prosecutor, Mokotedi Mpshe, says he feels wronged and betrayed.
"An intolerable abuse has occurred which compels a discontinuation of the prosecution," he said.
"On a number of occasions I have given evidence under oath that there has not been any meddling or manipulation of the process in this matter.”
However, opposition parties claim the decision has left South African democracy in peril ahead of the election.
South African opposition leader Helen Zille says the country has been duped.
"Nothing that the NPA said today, nothing at all, justifies the withdrawal of charges against Jacob Zuma," she said.
Ms Zille accused prosecutors of bowing to political pressure just two weeks before presidential elections in which Mr Zuma will be the ANC's candidate.
Mr Zuma has repeatedly denied allegations of graft, racketeering and money-laundering over a multi-billion dollar 1999 arms deal.
Analysts and opposition politicians say the charges have been dropped on a technicality, so suspicion will continue to dog Mr Zuma as he has not cleared his name in court.
Ms Zille said: "The next step is very clear for the Democratic Alliance: We will launch an application at the North Gauteng Supreme Court in order to ask for a judicial review of the NPA's decision to withdraw charges against Jacob Zuma.
"We believe there's been terrible abuse here. We believe none of the reasons given are justification for withdrawing the case and we are going to stop that abuse."