Monday, February 22, 2010

5fm party at the organic health expo

No, I am not talking about your glycemic index...

I am a big GI fan, (Gang of Instrumentals []) and was super excited to hear they would be playing at the 5fm party this past weekend.

D-7 were also performing which suited the all-lady guest list to the T!
check out these pics and reminisce over 'woza decemba'...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

speaking of champagne... ( i mean sparkling wine)

I went to the 'Magic of Bubbles' Cap Classique and Champagne Festival in Franschhoek over the weekend of the 4-6 December.
It was magical, fantastical and fabulous! Decorated like a Top Billing/ SA celeb wedding, with disco balls of all sizes, everything black and white, and more orchids than one could count! (although, i did feel sorry for the orchids as it was soooo hot!!)
It does get unpleasantly sweaty beneath the tents, and consuming glass after glass of champers did nothing to make me feel cooler.
but it was fabulous! and the food - just amazing!
I have never eaten so many strawberries, prawns, salmon dishes, chocolate brownies, oysters (not in this order mind you...) in one sitting...
There was great live music, provided by the charming, sexy D-seven and the well known bad-boy heart throb Gerald Clarke – to mention a few...

Valentines Day.. a day for breaking world records

Who ever thought champagne (pardon my French, I mean Méthode Cap Classique) was for nancies... guess again!
Andrew Duminy, General Manager of The Bull Run Restaurant in Sandton and Pongrácz have set a new Guinness World Record for opening the most sparkling wine bottles in one minute using a sabre according to the traditional ceremonial sabrage…

Now, I am one of those people who fear champagne corks and spend the full 30 seconds during the opening-of-the-bottle process thinking the champagne cork will somehow collide with my head… but this is a really ‘extreme’ alternative route…
Sabrage is a ceremonial technique whereby a champagne or sparkling wine bottle is removed with a sabre or sword. The force of the blade causes the cork and collar to shoot off the neck of the bottle in a show stopping display of bubbles and blasts.

Now I have a fear of shards of glass flying towards my head…
Starting at 5:00pm on the 14 the of Feb, exactly one minute later at 5:01pm Andrew Duminy had successfully opened 27 bottles of Pongrácz with his formidable sabre, smashing the previous record of 21 bottles.

Up the Creek (take two)

UP THE CREEK… – One of my most favourite music festivals!
Its great because: Its smaller than your rocking-the-daisies-type of festival and this means three things: usable loos, hot showers in the mornings and being able to find a decent spot to set up camp!

The best part about this year’s event was the river stage!
An absolute show stealer (besides the Bed on Bricks performance on Friday night)
From about 11:30 on Saturday morning (after sorting out some ‘technical difficulties’), the stage was up and running and kicked off with a performance by popular capetownian A’Capella (voice only) music group: D-seven (
I love the James dean look-a-like Dylan and real ladies-man, Shiraz (also known as just Raz – we fished with him earlier that morning)… Then again, a Shiraz is my favourite wine and so I may be slightly biased. To be fair, all members of this charming male singing collective are just fabulous – and the ladies delighted seeing them shirtless in their boardies!!

I am now also a confessed fan of the group Fox Comet – straight out of the southern suburbs ( It was the first time I had seen them live, and I was very impressed!
I will be looking out for them in the future.

It is indeed sad that this is the lowest anyone has seen the Breede river in a long while, but the organisers at Up the Creek made good use of the exposed bank (as illustrated in the images).
Oh, and even though I fished for about five hours collectively, I didn’t catch a thing!

time to swallow my words

Last year I wrote about watching aKing performing live for the first time at Kirstenbosch, and how terrible they were.

In the year that has gone by, they have released a new album and fired their old sound engineer (whew!)…

Cue 2010 Kirstenbosch summer concerts, 7th February.

In true ‘shameless aimless’ form, I was right up front dancing from the word go,

Or in this case ‘hello, we are aKing…’

The advantage of being so close was that I did see Snake (drummer) drop and lose one of his drum-sticks for about 20 seconds in the first song. He continued playing one-handed (but who would notice over the screams from fans below), which I must say was entertaining J

Over all I was truly impressed.

They have grown immensely ‘tight’ as a band and of course Laudo’s voice is just dripping gorgeous and deep.

Whether it was the wine or not, I likened his voice to a cello while jumping up and down singing ‘I like looking at the sky, as the wind the plays through…

In truth I have seen them perform in other (smaller) venues over the past 12 months, and was aware of their growing improvement (and fanclub!).

Now I recommend them to anyone!

These Belville boys can rock up a party!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

January that was....

Beach Volleyball is also one of those things that should be done in summer at least once a year.. even if your role is sitting on the outskirts cheering on a gorgeous bronze, shirtless specimen... and in Cape Town we've got no shortage of those...
PS – its good to plan this type of thing in advance, playing in a cocktail dress just gets awkward...

Caprice (Camps bay) is always a very trendy spot, and get particularly packed during season. It's also a great place to play paparazzi with SA celebs.
I bumped into Tracy McGregor, who was actually terribly sweet. I was ranting in the ladies loo about some (rather large) girl who had sat on my handbag and was quite snarky about lifting her rotundness arse off it again. I only realised it was Tracy as the convo ended and she walked out. Also spotted were members from the well known bands: The Dirty Skirts and Bed on Bricks.
Now the gimpy vodka suits - that was an added bonus :-)

L'ormarins Queen's Plate
: Diarise this event next year. Smaller and classier than the JB MET, it's loads of fun and had a great after-party, with Gang of instrumentals (awesomeness), Just Jinger (yawn...) and Goldfish (superstylin!).
It's also lovely to see everyone dressed in blues and whites (the annual theme).

what's happening in Cape Town in FEB

Cape Town:

1-6 Feb

Did you know? The average person laughs 15 times a day.

If you haven’t met that average for a while, then make a booking to see Kurt Schoonraad as he takes you on a journey through the obstacles of parenthood, technology and the recession by asking ‘What would Julius do?’ Directed by Rob van Vuuren, Homegroan (Baxter concert hall) will tickle you with delight. Tickets R60 – R80 Computicket.

5-7 Feb

Did you know? Hot water is allegedly heavier then cold water.

Get your dose of music, comedy, and fun on the Breede River in one weekend at this year’s Up the Creek Festival in Swellendam, showcasing more than 30 live music shows such as Ashtray Electric, Hot Water and Bed on Bricks as well as live comedy acts. Tickets R150-R450 021-510-0547.

Interview with Rob Nagel (seasoned Up the Creek performer)

The Up the Creek festivals started as a private party for a group of close friends in 1992. There were three bands in attendance, the Blues Broers being the first ever to play. The combination of a beautiful venue, eclectic party animals and would-be impresarios ensured the subsequent growth and success of the festivals, as we know them today.
Today it attracts thousands of punters from all over the country. It now features the latest, hip and trendy performers and entertainers from all over South Africa.
During one set, I kept an eye on a lovely piece of meat on the braai, in front of the stage, that someone in their partying state had obviously forgotten. About three songs later, just before it went up in smoke, I abandoned my guitar in the middle of a song, jumped off the stage, and rescued it.
I love the working class folks and professional people who don their hippy garb, forgetting their harsh everyday existence, and party the weekend away, then put on their suits again on Monday morning and go back to their day-jobs.

26-28 Feb

Did you know? Loud, fast music makes termites chew faster.

For a weekend of rock, head down to Nekkies holiday resort for the fourth RAMfest and look out for great acts such as Pendulum from Australia, Johnny Foreigner from the UK and top SA acts including Fokofpolisiekar, Taxi Violence and Boo! Tickets R100 – R400 Computicket.

27-28 Feb

Did you know? Every human has a unique tongue print.

Wine tasting is one thing, but if you want to get behind the scenes and take part in the whole wine making process, head to the Robertson wine valley or the Hands-on Harvest festival for some grape picking, bunch sorting, basket pressing, cooking with grapes courses, family stamping day and much more.

10-21 Feb

Did you know? A zebra is white with black stripes, not black with white stripes.

Ingcwaba lendoda lise cankwe ndlela (The grave of the man is next to the road) is a moving and powerful play directed by GIPCA project awardee Mandla Mbothwe, exploring the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual movement of black South Africans (Artscape Theatre). Tickets R35-R50 Computicket.

14 Feb

Did you know? Statistically, 20% children around the world has never been into a school classroom.

Spread your love a bit further and enter the Amazing Tricycle Race (Tygervalley) and help raise funds for the Tygerberg Childre’s hospital. Entry fees range from R20 – R50pp, for more information contact Tanya Price on 074 366 1249.