Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jade lounge

Jade Lounge and Bar is one of the most popular nightlife spots on the Greenpoint stretch (after the pink strip).
If you happen to walk in on a wednesday evening you could relax in a private corner and listen to a three-piece jazz band. This year they also played host to the very popular Levi's Vintage Sundays, which featured bands such as Prime Circle, Bed on Bricks, Dave Fergusen and many more...
But if you happen to walk in on a Friday or Saturday night expect this: Loads of people, No Under 23's, No entrance fee (a rarity on a weekend night in CT), Hot men and women, women and men who think they're hot, DJ's spinning out fabulous tracks and generally some crazy arse business as shown in the photo below.
(For the record I don't remember this photo being taken and it culd be a photo-shopping plot against me)

Can you say disco?

I found these glasses in a rather retro shop on Greenpoint main road. The disco balls have a weight – which keep the (very yellow) insect eye sunnies on!


If you're out on the town - looking for a 'pre-drinks' place before heading to that club, or just wanting to share a couple cocktails with the ladies, then this is the place for you… But be warned, it’s not for the conservative!
If you happen to stumble up the white staircase with arrows indication some kind of ‘shop’ – don’t expect to find ciggies or boerewors rolls.
A few of us found ourselves taking the stairs after a few drinks ‘went down like home-sick moles’ as my T likes to say.
What you can expect are an assortment of goodies such as karma sutra couches, whips, underwear (with more holes than I’d to know what to do with), gel-like liquids, lotions, and cutely-deceiving toys…
(App they pack away the big boys at night – but the shop is open all day too.)
But lets just say that (back downstairs), the music is good, barmen friendly and efficient and drinks at your standard Cape Town price.
I haven’t been back yet – but I do plan to return at some point in the near future

Address Stress

Let me just saying that moving house (well in my case moving ‘flat’) is a different type of stress, but a stress none-the-less. I have moved so many times, its hard to count them up. But while I am writing this, I might as well:

Welkom House
Gran’s House
Port Elizabeth House
Letsitele Valley House
Arbour Park House
Pompagalana House
Varsity Residence in Cape Town
Rosebank Flat
Kenilworth Flat
Kenilworth House
Port Alfred House
Greenpoint Flat
Seapoint Flat

I think that’s enough to last me a while.
I don’t share that luxury that others do having grown up as a child in the same neighbourhood until they go off to uni…

Luckily here in South Africa with the economic climate as it is, there are plenty of people doing what ever they can to make extra pennies.
I say ‘lucky’ because it just so happens that on this recent move, we found a guy with his bakkie and trailer who (with the help of two other helpers) moved all our stuff from storage unit in Somerset West and my stuff from Green point flat into my new two bedroom, two bathroom flat in Seapoint for a mere R600.
They were late, but I’ve never heard of movers being on time, and so began the trek from one apartment to the next. (I do hope to stay in this one for at least two years.)
The first night I barely slept, trying to adjust to the new noises (including those made by undesirables in the block towards the South who are farming what sounds like illegal immigrants and wannabe-cool-gangsters).
One of my lovely friends came around that evening with a warm curry, picnic plates and utensils… and of course a good bottle of Shiraz ☺
I can say that now my new home is looking much more 'unpacked' and homely (much neater than it does in the picture) – and I love it!


I finally found the pictures I took of the IPL parade in April earlier this year...
If you have a mo - do go have a look and see which celebrities you can spot!
Story is titled: IPL Madness.
The parade went down Adderley street in the Cape Town CBD.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Caster's cries

Being in the magazine industry, and especially because I sit very close to the team who work on a certain running magazine, much of chat has been about our poor Caster Semenya.
The 18-year-old (remember back to what you were like at 18), who beat the world record in the Women’s 800m and thereafter had to face questions about her eligibility to compete as a woman.
By now most of you know that an Australian reporter leaked the results that were only due to be released in November (and kept private if Caster so wished).
From the beginning we discussed how potentially traumatic this must be for a young person, especially coming from a rural village in Northern SA. I sympathise as I too spent my younger years growing up in a rural area in Northern SA (well at least that’s what people in Cape Town think of Tzaneen ‘aka planet Zarnine’ – according to a certain friend).
It has now been reported that the young Caster has gone into hiding.
Can you blame her. I am not familiar with what tribe she is from, but most traditional black African tribal people adhere to strict traditions and are greatly shamed by many things. Especially regarding ones sexuality.
It is not unheard of that men in such communities are only regarded as men once they have gone to the ‘bush’ and had circumcision (performed by other dodgy tribal men), starved and had cruel beatings.
Some women feel they are no yet women unless they give birth to a child (and we already have so many pregnant 12, 13 and 14 year olds on the streets).
But these are tame traditional thoughts for people who believe that strange (free thinking) women are witches.
Imagine what it must be like to be both male and female and have this made public to the world.
Caster has gone into hiding and is receiving trauma counselling in the wake of claims that gender tests have shown she is a hermaphrodite.
International athletics officials have said their verdict will be delivered at the end of November but that the world champion is unlikely to be stripped of her Berlin medal.
WE are all particularly upset with the way our own Athletics officials have handled the whole saga from day 1.
You gotta love the incredible artwork and wit of SA cartoonist Zapiro..... (see att cartooon)...